Consolidating Clearfield Borough and Lawrence Township

Clearfield Borough and Lawrence Township received a state SIP grant that allowed them to conduct a study regarding consolidating both municipalities under the Home Rule form of government.

A Joint Committee was appointed from both municipalities to convene and make recommendations regarding the development of a Joint Agreement for a consolidated municipality and to draft a Home Rule Charter.

The Pennsylvania Economy League was brought in to help assist the Committee in this process.

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From the Committee

“We all identify as being from Clearfield.  There are lines on the map somewhere that say I live or work in the township or the borough, or vice versa.  I think you’ll find that the members of the committee have a healthy combination of living in one and working in the other as well. But as soon as you leave the area and someone asks you where you’re from, you probably say I’m from Clearfield.” Bryan Lytle, Teacher / Member of Borough Council

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